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Counter Tops

     At Kemah Custom Cabinets we offer four types of custom counter tops.  It is not uncommon to use different counter tops in the same kitchen.

Granite Counter Tops
By far our most popular and reasonably priced counter top.  Granite has its own natural elegance and feel and comes in an almost unlimited choice of colors and unique stone designs.

Silestone Quartz Counter Tops
Silestone is a man made product consisting of quartz and resin.  Silestone comes in many different colors and patterns and is best noted for its more solid coloring.   

Butcher Block Counter Tops
Are usually made from layers of maple wood glued together and require more diligence in maintaining.  A Butcher Block Counter Top installed on an island is the trademark of  very custom kitchen.

Cement Counter Tops
Modern, unique and easily customized to your taste and design.  All Cement Counter Tops are fabricated off site, thus ensuring top quality, strength and dependability.

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